Matt contacted PopeyMon to get some upgrades and refurbishment done to his Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 (black model). Photos of the completed machine, in action, were sent by Matt to PopeyMon. Here is what Matt said:

A lifelong gamer and somewhat computer enthusiast, as the years passed computer technology and gaming experience has become mind-blowing. However, recently I found myself experiencing a nostalgic turn, which resulted in the purchase of an auction site ZX Spectrum 128 +2A. Luckily, it arrived in mostly working order, but some research had told me that to ensure the smooth running of the machine not only now, but for years to come, I’d best perform a recap. Unwilling to undertake the work myself I’d looked at a few options, and Andrew at PopeyMon Fun and Games came highly recommend. 

Communication with Andrew was flawless, from start to finish (he even assisted me with information regarding securely packaging and couriering my machine to him). I told him what I wanted via a list of requirements and maybes, and he gave a clear opinion on what was necessary and what was less so. We both agreed on what work should be performed, but it was ultimately my decision, and in the end not only did he perform the vital recap, but also a mod to allow audio in to the machine and a thorough clean and belt change on the tape deck.

Once the work was completed, I was pleasantly surprised by the final invoice; a price I’m certain cannot be beaten, with turnaround time being quicker than quoted with other companies. I soon received my machine back securely packaged and tracked back to my doorstep, and now have peace of mind that I will be able to enjoy my +2A for many years to come. Thank you Andrew!