Howard has been a repeat customer. PopeyMon repaired and refurbished a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and then repaired and refurbished a Sinclair 128k ZX Spectrum +3. The test, assess and repair service is available in the PopeyMon Webshop at the link here.

“Just a quick shout out to Popeymon Games and Fun for refurbishing my recently acquired +3. I bought it untested from a local retro shop and it needed a fair amount of work doing to bring it back to life, including a new drive belt and service, recap and additional work that I wanted such as an RGB fix and audio fix (not just the usual distortion on a +3, but this machine had an annoying issue where the chip would “drift” out of frequency and sound all out of tune).

Plus the keyboard was fully stripped down and cleaned. All this work was undertaken by the tenacious Andrew after posting my machine off to him via tracked post, he kept me up to date on all stages of the repair so I knew when I could expect it back. The fully fixed and refurbed +3 was returned safely as it was well and securely packed. It is now my main go to machine and I love it! The RGB mod surpassed my expectations and the display is crystal clear now. The audio mod too has removed all that awful distortion that was present, in addition to sounding fantastic.

I’m very pleased with their work and highly recommend Popeymon Games and Fun for their Speccy refurbs. Their prices are competitive and I have had a number of machines repaired by them now and it has been an excellent experience in each case.”