David bought a custom bundle of a refurbished Sinclair ZX Spectrum, refurbished 1980s mono tape player, power supply, all leads, manuals and Horizons tape. He was very happy with the product and the service from PopeyMon. Here is what he said and here is his story of his (and his brother’s) ZX Spectrum:

“Back in 1983, my older brother returned at the end of a University term having blown his entire student grant on a Chinese army jacket and a 48K spectrum. Purchasing one would never have been in reach for us otherwise and to say at the age of 12 it was transformational for me would be putting it mildly.

My brother ended up leaving the Spectrum at home when he returned after the next term so that was that: I was totally hooked and gaming was my first love. First games played, other than the Sinclair bundled tape, were Jetpac, Manic Miner, Flight Simulator and Atic Atac. Oh, and The Hobbit, although I never got off the first screen ….

I used to race down to the newsagents on the day that Crash! magazine was published, it was the highlight of the month for me. So many fantastic memories, I even took the bus out to Ludlow from Birmingham in 1985 to visit Crash’s offices on King Street. No-one was in, regrettably!

The search up in my Mom’s loft a few weeks ago didn’t turn up the Spectrum. It’s still there, somewhere, but I know it needed attention, having not been fired up since 1988. That said, having come across recommendations on the ‘World of Spectrum’ Facebook group for PopeyMon Games and Fun, I got in contact with the excellent Andrew Pope who, after some expert advice, fixed me up with a wonderfully refurbished 48K unit, tape player, joystick and interface.

The original Speccy, when it’s unearthed, will go to Andrew for refurbishment and return to my older brother. Fair’s fair!

Really, really impressed by Andrew’s knowledge, comms. and customer service – I’d highly recommend.

What I did find in the loft was a box of games and was amazed when Manic Miner and Jetpac, the first proper games I ever played, loaded. I was actually taken back a bit that I still got a buzz when playing it. Now I’m slowly working through my other games, all of which have loaded faultlessly so far after nearly 40 years in a loft in Birmingham!

What’s also interesting is that my 8 and 10 year old lads are finding as much fun in playing as I am, so we’re back to that time when you’d pass the joystick over to a friend or sibling to play, frustratingly waiting for your turn again.

All in all, from one tip off to have a look at a fantastic Facebook group, to then finding the right guy – Andrew – to get me back into the World of the Speccy, I find myself immersed in a wonderful 40 year nostalgia trip; I’m also finding myself feeling that precious teenage excitement of waiting to buy or reload a new game.”

The great news, for me, is that I can now readily afford to buy the games that otherwise used to take me at least two weeks of hard collar selling newspapers at the Austin car factory in Longbridge to save up for….