You can use this one-handed! Amazing innovation for the 1980s and very rare.

“The Stick” Rare and Highly Innovative Joystick From The 1980s Using Atari Standard Connector.


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Has two fire buttons on The Stick. They all fire the same fire action.

In near mint condition, fully tested and fully working. It really is strange using this but I have played games with it. Please see photos.

Has one D-sub 9-pin connector.

It uses the Atari standard pinouts.

So you can use this on any machines that uses the Atari standard (e.g. Atari 2600, 400, 800, Commodore Vic-20 and 64), on Spectrum joystick interfaces (I sell these too) AND on the Spectrum  +2/+3.

The Stick itself is in near mint condition and has only been used to test it. The box needs to be stuck together but I have left this, in case you don’t want this.