This service is for initial testing and assessment, and the first hour of repair work. I will contact you if it needs more work.



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This service is for testing, assessing and first hour of repairing your Amstrad CPC464 or 6128. This is for all models and can include any types of faults that you are experiencing:

  1. display problems
  2. power problems
  3. keyboard problems
  4. tape or disk loading and saving problems
  5. sound problems
  6. memory problems
  7. and more!

Please just let me know the faults and when they are occurring, when you book your order!

PopeyMon Games and Fun has extensive experience of refurbishing and repairing all versions of the Amstrad CPC464 or 6128.

So many will have gone wrong over the years, or developed faults, or stopped working all together. And so some Amstrads need some work to get them working properly again.

This service is for initial testing and assessment once you have sent your machine to me, and covers the first hour of repair work. I will contact you if it needs more work and will not do any more until I have OK’d it with you.

Depending on the issue(s), it may be that it can be fixed in the first hour.

There is such a wide range of models in a great range of conditions. Some fixes are straightforward and some are not.

And there can be many possible causes of faults. Some symptoms can be misleading. For those, takes an expert like PopeyMon to work them out.

So please get in touch to discuss your situation, and I will give you a quote.

In some cases, I will need to see photos and then I will need to make a more detailed assessment when I receive the machine.

The base price of £29 covers the testing and assessment, a report back to you and the first hour of work. As said above, I will not proceed any further until I have spoken with you and listened to what you want.

You meet the cost of the postage and packing to me. The postage cost included in the service is for the return of the board to you. If you want an enhanced postal service, then let me know and I will invoice any extra.

If the repair is going to take longer, I will be in touch about further recommendations and cost. Rest assured that I will not carry out any work until and unless I have discussed it with you first.

When the work is complete, I will invoice you for the work, parts and if applicable, any extra costs on return postage if you want other deliver options.

I also offer a range of specific services, repairs, refurbishments and products. Please see the rest of the PopeyMon shop. I also offer packages of services at reduced rates for bundles of services or products.

Thanks for shopping at the PopeyMon Webshop.

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