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Both cars have been tested on both tracks. They both run at the same time with the transformer and throttles.

The rear tyres have been changed to new ones. The brushes (braids) are working. I will include two new pairs of braids in the box.

The tail fins (rear wings) are both present. The one on the Ferrari is fitted fine. The one on the Tyrell has broken at the bottom and needs a new one (they can be bought cheaply on eBay) or to be glued back on (see photos).

All of the track is there. I have set it up with one of the recommended circuits as shown on the box. Please see photos.

I have tested both sides of each part of track. The cars wheels spun wheel on each and every side of each part of track. The cars run together on separate tracks.

Some crash barriers are there too as are the bridge supports.  Please see photos.

Transformer is there. I have fitted a new UK plug to the transformer. Both throttles work – I had to swap one of them for a working one as it wasn’t working. The swapped in throttle is black, not blue.

There is wear to the cover of the box and wear to the polystyrene and repairs to the inside of the cover (see photo).

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