Sourcing and replacing the keyboard membrane on YOUR Spectrum  + (Plus) or Spectrum 128 Toastrack.

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Old membrane is on top. New membrane is fitted to the Spectrum + case underneath.


This service has had to be temporarily suspended as we have found that the new Spectrum + and 128k membranes have been found to be faulty from manufacture. Some suppliers are stopping from selling them. Others are selling them and then blaming customers for “fitting them incorrectly”.

PopeyMon hopes to be able to re-start this service when a reliable product is available.

This is a service offered by PopeyMon to source and replace the keyboard membrane on your Sinclair ZX Spectrum.


The membrane lies underneath the hard keys on a Spectrum Plus and 128k Toastrack.

The original membranes deteriorate over time and usually stop working. If they are still working, one or more keys often stop working after being brought back into use.

The photo above shows an old, dried keyboard membrane for a Spectrum +. This is the one on top. Underneath, the Spectrum + has been fitted with a new membrane, and you can see that the connecting ribbons are shiny, whereas the old membrane has dull, dried ribbons.

The membranes deteriorate with age, storage conditions (e.g. inside a box or left out in a shed),  fluctuations in temperature, dampness, heat inside the Spectrum and with use.

So this service involves me sourcing a new membrane and fitting it to your Spectrum. I may need to order one before fitting it, so please allow time for that.

It works like this:

  1. You buy this service from the website. You send me your Sinclair ZX Spectrum to the address that I will supply to you after Checkout.
  2. I carefully remove the existing membrane.
  3. I put the new membrane in and seal up your Spectrum again. I test every key.
  4. Or optionally, I can perform repairs or other work as requested by you. These services cost extra – please see the services I offer below and elsewhere on this website.
  5. I send the Spectrum back to you, carefully packaged. The return postage is included in the cost that you pay at Checkout.

The cost is:

  • £25 to replace the membrane on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum + (Plus) or Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128 (Toastrack) . Postage costs will be extra and will be included in the Invoice.

This service is for replacing the keyboard membrane only.

If you require other services, please ask about those and I can give you a quote. I offer (click the links for more details):

  • replacing all electrolytic capacitors on the Spectrum main board
  • performing the “composite mod” so that the display is much better and suited to modern TVs
  • repairs and improvements to rubber key Spectrum 16k/48k/Spectrum + (Plus) main boards (PCB)
  • repairs, improvements and servicing to the Sinclair 128k ZX Spectrum (Grey +2) main board (PCB) plus tape drives and keyboards
  • repairs, improvements and servicing to the Sinclair 128k ZX Spectrum +2A/+2B (Black +2) main board (PCB) plus tape drives and keyboards
  • repairs, improvements and servicing to the Sinclair 128k ZX Spectrum +3 main board (PCB) plus disk drives and keyboards

When your Spectrum is with me, I will contact you about any extra work before going ahead.

I also sell games, joysticks, joystick interfaces, power supplies, tape players and leads.

Contact me and I will put together a bundle for you. Please see the article at this link here for more information.