Repairing and refurbishing the keyboard on your Amstrad CPC464.

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This is a service offered by PopeyMon to repair the keyboard on your Amstrad CPC464.

The photo shows a dirty keyboard on top and a repaired keyboard on the bottom.

The keyboard can stop working. It can be caused by dirt, dust, heat, corrosion, physical damage to keys, the backplate, the springs and/or the membrane, or damage to the keyboard ribbon and more.

The keyboard repair service works like this:

  1. You send me your complete Amstrad or remove the keyboard and send it to me.
  2. I completely take apart the keyboard and clean it thoroughly, including cleaning every key, the membrane, the backplate and key holder.
  3. I put the keyboard back together again and put in your Amstrad (if supplied). If you didn’t send the Amstrad, I fully test it in another machine.
  4. Or optionally, I can perform repairs or other improvement work as requested by you. These services cost extra – please see the services I offer below.
  5. I send the Amstrad or just the keyboard back to you, carefully packaged.

The costs are:

  • £20 to repair and/or refurbish the keyboard on your Amstrad CPC464. Postage costs will be extra.

This service is for repairing the keyboard only.

If you require other services, please ask about those and I can give you a quote.