This is the re-design of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, called the Spectrum +.



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A fully refurbished Sinclair ZX Spectrum +, tested and working.

This is from the Sinclair era of the Spectrum. It has 48k of RAM.

The keyboard membrane, which sits underneath the keyboard, is brand new. The original membranes dry out and stop working, so it has been replaced with a new one.

The TV output has been modernised to use “composite video” which is available on most modern TVs. It replaces the original RF output which is inferior. You will need a composite video lead. Please also check that your TV has a composite video input connector.

All electrolytic capacitors have been replaced with quality new ones. These capacitors go bad over time, with heat, storage conditions and other factors. They can then damage the computer or affect its function.

This is for the computer only.

I also sell games, joysticks, joystick interfaces, power supplies, tape players and leads.

I will put together a custom bundle for you, if you contact me. Please see the article at this link here for more information.