The official power supply for the Grey version of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2, the first Spectrum model of the Amstrad era of the Spectrum.


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The official power supply for the Grey version of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2, from the Amstrad era of the Spectrum – the +2A and +2B.

It will similar to the one shown in the photos below (see the bottom for all photos). If you want to see photos of the one you are buying, please Contact PopeyMon using this link (opens in new tab).

Tested and working, with electrical safety checks, new UK plug and packaged to protect. All leads checked. No damage, only possible marks to the case. Many of these power supplies being sold elsewhere are untested and some may even be incompatible or even unsafe for you or your Spectrum. This is the official and original one – not a new one.

This is originally intended for the Grey +2, but it is also the most versatile Spectrum PSU. It is also suitable for the earlier versions of the Spectrum 128 Toastrack, Spectrum Plus, or both 16k and 48k rubber key Spectrums.

This is because it has the same polarity, same barrel connector, same voltage and has the maximum current rating that can deliver the current for all previous models.

It is not suitable for the Black +2A/+2B models or the +3 model (disk drive model), as described in the series of articles by PopeyMon on this website.

For more information on Spectrum power supplies, please see the series of articles on this PopeyMon website under Popeymon Technical Articles at the top of your screen (desktop) or in the side bar (phone or tablet) or click the Power Supplies tag. The Intro is here.