This is the re-design of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, called the Spectrum +.



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This has been kept as close as possible to when Samsung made it in Korea.

This is from the Sinclair era of the Spectrum. It has 48k of RAM.

In very good condition. Fully tested and working. All keys working.

The photos show the actual Spectrum that you will receive. These are not “stock” photos.

I have tested it with an official Spectrum PSU and leads. I am selling those separately in the website shop. I will combine postage if you buy both the computer and PSU and leads.

As it is over 35 years old now, and the components wear out, I cannot guarantee that it will continue to work. You may need to update some of the components, e.g. the capacitors, as these can wear out – but as of now, they are working.

I can refurbish it for you, but I want to give my customers the choice.

So I am selling this as almost all original components and working as it passed all the tests – see * below for details. Please see photos.

It has been kept as close to the original manufacture by Samsung in the Republic of Korea. A replacement Spectrum rainbow has been installed on the case.

Composite video modification for modern TVs, replacing the old analogue UHF Channel 36 and the tuning in. You just plug it in to your TV’s composite video connector and go. (please check you have the connector and the right RCA/phono to RCA/phono lead).

The PCB is an Issue 4S. Serial number on the case is S01-087344.

Some scratches on top-left of case and the usual scratches from wear and tear. Just cosmetic. All case screws are there and all four rubber feet, but one is not 100%.

The ULA chip is the last ULA model. It is the best one that works on all Spectrum issue boards, the 6C001E-7 model.

This is for the computer only.

I also sell games, joysticks, joystick interfaces, power supplies, tape players and leads.

I will put together a custom bundle for you, if you contact me.

Please see the article at this link here for more information.