One CAPS SHIFT key for the Spectrum + keyboard or Spectrum 128k “Toastrack” keyboard, plus the custom plunger.

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This is for one CAPS SHIFT key for the 128k Toastrack Spectrum or 48k Spectrum +. It includes the customised plunger which is different to the ones used for most keys.

There is a separate product listing for the normal individual keys.

All of the other larger keys are sold separately, including. Those are:

  • Space Bar
  • Enter
  • Delete
  • Break
  • Edit
  • Extend mode

The price for the CAPS SHIFT key includes the plunger. This is the black or white piece of plastic that the key fits onto. If you have a preference for black or white plunger please tell me when you order.

Please tell me which keys you want when you order.

Additional information

Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 0.5 cm

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