A fully refurbished and improved board which fits in the Sinclair 128k ZX Spectrum +2 (Grey) case. I can also fit it inside your case, and also do a part-exchange for your faulty board, if you send it to me for evaluation.



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A fully refurbished and improved board which fits in the Sinclair 128k ZX Spectrum +2 (Grey) case. The board has been fully tested and is working. For full details, please see * below.

It has been refurbished and greatly improved, in the same ways as the full Grey +2 machine has been, which is for sale separately here.

It has improvements from the factory build of the Issue 3 Taiwan main board:
– all electrolytic capacitors replaced with new Panasonic or other high quality components
– RGB to SCART fault fixed, with very clear display. The fault at the factory has been fixed.
– all hum from the tape player removed. This was a factory fault.
– tape sound, AY sound and beeper (ULA) sound all re-balanced from the faulty factory build, where the AY sound is “quiet” compared to tape and beeper. This does not affect loading and saving, which works very well (see below).

It is fully working:

– clear bright display on RGB
– sound working, with mixing enhancements as above
– tape drive LOADing and SAVing (and VERIFYing), with new belt fitted
– edge connector working with SD card device such as Retroleum Smartcard
– both joystick ports working

This sale for the computer’s printed circuit board (PCB) and fitted components only. You will need to supply a case, working keyboard and power supply. I have these for sale too and can do a discount on a bundle for you. Please see the separate listings.

This board has been refurbished by PopeyMon Games and Fun, then fully tested and working. Details of the tests are below*.

This is a product listing. If you would like to see photos of the actual board that you are buying, please get in touch and I will email you some photos.

You can install it yourself, or you can send me your Spectrum + for me to install it for you.

Optionally, I can fit a modern switched voltage regulator. This replaces the 7805 voltage regulator and the huge heat sink inside the Spectrum. This means the machine will run cooler. Again, just ask when you place your order.

If you want the board to be fitted to your Spectrum, then please get in touch. This will incur an extra charge of £10 plus return postage. If you would like to discuss a part-exchange, where I take on your faulty board and send you or fit a refurbished one, please get in touch.

The part-exchange is offered only once I have received the board and assessed it. I have accepted many from customers, but I am sorry, I cannot 100% guarantee that I will accept your board for part-exchange, because it depends on its condition that can only be assessed in person. In a few cases, some boards are of little or no value and some only for salvaging parts.

I also sell fully refurbished Sinclair ZX Spectrum computers, of all models. Please see the other products on the website.

I sell games, joysticks, joystick interfaces, power supplies, tape players and leads. Again, please use the search facility or the categories in the PopeyMon Webshop.

I will put together a custom bundle for you, if you contact me. Please see the article at this link here for more information and for details of recommendations and endorsements from my happy customers.

* Tests have been run to ensure reliability. Tests are run with the power off and tests are run with the power on. Tests include:

  • the notoriously unreliable DC-DC converter circuit, which remains on the Grey +2 despite Amstrad buying the Sinclair computer brant
  • display circuitry and output
  • with a keyboard (not included but used to test to make sure the keyboard circuitry works)
  • all RAM chips
  • the ROM chip
  • the CPU chip
  • the ULA chip
  • the PCF chip
  • the AY sound chip
  • the edge connector has been tested with a joystick interface and with a Retroleum Smartcard to ensure that it can run with modern components


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