PopeyMon Customer Marc’s Spectrum Set-up – Complete with Beer and Spectrum magazines!

You have got an old Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Maybe it is the one you had back in the 1980s. Or maybe you have acquired one since. But you want to be cautious, and do some checks before starting it up, because it is 30-40 years old. You might not know what it has been through, or where it has been stored. It is exciting that you have it!

Common Problems With All Models of ZX Spectrum

I have written articles that describe common problems with all of the models of ZX Spectrum. They are split into three sections:

There are a series of articles showing the common problems with the 16k, 48k and 48k Spectrum + models. There is another article on the common problems with the early 128k models of the Spectrum – the 128k “Toastrack” and the 128k Grey +2. Coming soon will be an article for the Black +2 and +3.

Be Careful, Be Safe and Be Happy!

It is wise to be cautious about starting up old tech. However, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum is a low voltage electrical appliance that if it is looked after, does not pose a great risk.

Of more concern is the power supply, which connects to the mains supply, which is 240 Volts Alternating Current, at 50Hz (50 cycles per second), and is dangerous for you, your property and your Speccy. It is wise to have your power supply checked first, or buy one that has already been properly checked before connecting it to the mains electricity.

I sell official and original power supplies that have been checked in the PopeyMon Webshop, along with other spare parts and services to repair and refurbish your Spectrum.

Time To Start It Up?

I have a more detailed beginner’s quick set-up guide here, which I hope that you find useful.

When you have made some checks and decide to start it up, the PopeyMon articles describe the most common problems that you will find.

Once you (or PopeyMon) have your Spectrum going, you might also want to get yourself a drink, like my customer Marc who sent me the above photo of his Spectrum, magazines and beer while he played Aquaplane!

Send Me Some Action Shots of Your Spectrum With Your Favourite Games!

Here are some more action shots of machines that I have fixed, repaired and refurbished with games including Chuckie Egg, Atic Atac, Aquaplane and Manic Miner. There are Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k machines in the photos with one of them in a DK’Tronics keyboard. There is also a Black Sinclair 128k ZX Spectrum +2 and also a 128k +3 with disk drive.

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