The ZX Spectrum Doesn’t Boot to the Sinclair Research Prompt


If the Spectrum does not start up to the white screen and Sinclair Research prompt shown above, then there is a problem. When the Spectrum starts up, it performs a self-test and if the test is successful, you get the prompt.

Possible causes could be the power circuit, as described in the other articles in this Series. It could be the power supply or it could also be a host of other problems. PopeyMon can find out for you and fix it for you.

If you cannot get some or all of the keys to work, then it is probably the keyboard membrane, as described above. If you cannot get a TV display, then the other articles in this Series describe possible causes.

I offer a basic test, assess and first hour of repair service.

If it takes longer, then I will let you know my assessment before doing any further work. This service is available for all models of Spectrum, and at the same cost – click here for more details.

Let me know what you are looking for, by getting in touch via the Contact form or contact details at this link here. I give discounts if you buy a bundle of products or services.

Thanks for coming to PopeyMon Games and Fun for all your Spectrum needs.

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