When I started doing the research, opening up lots of Spectrum power supplies, and writing this series of articles, I had thought that the UK1400 power supply was the first one for the Spectrum, as shown below.

Power Supply for Rubber Key and Plus Types of Sinclair ZX Spectrum

But I was told by members of the Spectrum community that there was a UK1200. I had never seen one in the flesh… UNTIL NOW!

I have got one NOW! How exciting!

Model name: UK1200

Input: 240V AC

Output: -12.5V DC approx., unloaded (unregulated), maximum current rating 1.2A (1,200mA and hence the name UK1200).

When under load and being used on a Spectrum, the voltage will be nearer to what is stated on the PSU label.

Polarity: Centre Negative (not positive) Outer Positive (not negative as on most barrel connectors).

Getting the polarity is essential if you do not want to damage your Spectrum.

I do not know whether the UK1200 power supplies are suitable for any other model of Spectrum than the Issue1 Spectrum.

The strain relief on the PSU is not as stiff as on the UK1400. This might mean that it lasts longer because they are notorious for breaking.

It has a barrel connector that is not smooth. The UK1400 that was subject to a safety recall had a smooth barrel and black and white DC cable.

The insides are very similar to the UK1400. It is a full wave bridge rectifier with two smoothing capacitors. And a fuse.

I cannot verify that it the UK1200 would work on an Issue 1, because I do not own one.

However, the fact that the UK1400 power supply followed the UK1200 – or even possibly was being sold at the same time as the UK1200 – suggests that 1.2A was insufficient for the Spectrum and 1.4A was needed.

The UK1200 certainly won’t be suitable for the 128 “Toastrack” and not the (Amstrad-era) Spectrum +2 Grey. This is despite the fact that the DC (computer side) barrel connector will fit on these later models of Spectrum.

I would not recommend running any Spectrum with the UK1200 and without an Issue 1, I have no intention to!

And sorry. This power supply is not for sale.

But I do have a range of other power supplies for sale. The series of articles on this website is there to help you choose the right one.

Before use all power supplies need to be checked for safety, as well as functionality and that they are delivering the right voltage levels, current and polarity. So please note that they must be checked before use, and check the Safety article.

If you are looking to buy any power supply or want one checked, please get in touch. I will happily sell you one – fully tested and working – for the Spectrum 16/48k/Plus, for the grey +2 or the black +2 or +3. I also have a lot of other Spectrum parts, working computers and games for sale. I will happily put together a custom bundle for you.

I would like to credit and highly recommend the excellent videos by “JoulesPerCoulomb” on Youtube. “Greetings and good time of day…” to whoever this mysterious but extremely helpful man, is. His video on power supplies was a brilliant starter a few years ago to the many hours of research that I have conducted since on Spectrum power supplies, and which I present in this series of articles.

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