An Original 48k Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Refurbished For A Happy Customer

Above is a photo of an original 48k Sinclair ZX Spectrum with the rubber keys, which has been refurbished to a very high standard by PopeyMon Games and Fun.

It was sold in a package which was put together by PopeyMon following a request by a customer for a custom bundle, so that he could get the joy back from having a Spectrum just like the one he had almost 40 years ago. The Spectrum was released in 1982.

It is the customer’s own photo, which he has given permission for me to use. PopeyMon has been given the following endorsement by the customer, Mr. L. Stevenson of Essex:

“I received my Speccy bundle today all packaged and looking amazing… everything is in great working order as promised and I can now enjoy playing my spectrum 48k once again after 40 years! Extremely happy with the service and delivery of such a special machine. Thank you”

PopeyMon has put together many Spectrums, and custom bundles, and many types of Spectrum, for a lot of happy customers over the past two years.

So what kind of Spectrum would you like?

Do you want it to be like the original Spectrum above, or another model as shown below? PopeyMon has expertise in all models of Sinclair ZX Spectrum, in repairing them and refurbishing them.

Would you like it to be refurbished?

If you do want it to be refurbished, you can choose any of the following options, and I will give you a good price on the work and an agreed timescale for delivery. I also package things up properly, as shown in the endorsement above.

The above Spectrum + (Plus) has been opened up, as shown in the last photo. The machines are nearly forty years old now, so it is unsurprising that most will need some work.

This Spectrum + has been refurbished to a very high standard, with the following work done by PopeyMon:

  1. all electrolytic capacitors have been replaced with high quality Vishay capacitors. This is not absolutely necessary, because a Spectrum can operate successfully with the old ones, but they can deteriorate over time with heat, age, usage and under bad storage conditions. They can then damage other components, such as the RAM chips that are more difficult to replace,
  2. a better ULA chip, the 6C0001E-7 model which was the last one for the original rubber key models and Spectrum Plus,
  3. a new modern voltage regulator which means the Spectrum runs cooler and the heatsink can be removed,
  4. a new keyboard membrane, not shown in the photo above. These are manufactured new. The old ones usually dry out and stop working, and the ribbons that attach them to the computer’s board inside, become brittle and break. It is fitted for the customer,
  5. the TV display has been modified to be a composite video output, instead of the traditional
  6. the case and keys have been thoroughly cleaned, including every single key
  7. the edge connector has been tested with a joystick interface and with a modern SD-card solution such as DivMMC, Interface 1.bis or Retroleum Smart Card
  8. very thorough testing

Would you like a repair done? Send me some details of your machine to get the conversation going, with as much detail as you can of the symptoms and photos if possible. I can also do a part-exchange.

Would you like a tape player to load and save games?

Would you like a joystick and joystick interface to play games without using the keyboard?

What games would you like to play? I have a large stock and can get games in for you on commission.

Would you like your power supply checked and refurbished? These are old now. Do you really know that it is safe to use? I am PAT trained and have a lot of experience with these power supplies. I have a comprehensive guide to all Spectrum power supplies on this website. Be VERY careful what you might buy on eBay or cheap from China, without checking. What might seem OK could kill your Spectrum! Do get in touch.

PopeyMon offers all of the above services and products, plus more. I also buy Spectrums and anything Spectrum-related. I offer other products and services too.

Get in touch with PopeyMon – Contact Details at the link – for all your Spectrum needs!

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