Manic Miner for the Spectrum and MSX
It was released for many other platforms
with many variants

Manic Miner is one of the classic computer and video games of all time.

It was released on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and for many other platforms with many variants, releases and editions.

But as it stood in late 2020, it appeared that those variants, releases and editions were not documented in any one place.

Collectors love variants and so PopeyMon Games and Fun wanted to perform this service for the gaming community and the Spectrum community.

The series of articles on Manic Miner for Collectors is based on the research by collector and expert Adrian Grubb, seen by many as the authority on Manic Miner versions and passionate collector of all things Manic Miner.

Adrian’s research was reviewed over many years by a great many people on the Central Cavern Facebook group. PopeyMon got Adrian’s permission to use and edit the articles, and to publish them on the web, with his photos. Before these articles were published, Adrian reviewed them for correctness and completeness (see footnote *).

The articles deal only with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum releases of Manic Miner. The articles do not look at the internals of the game itself – only the inlay, cassettes, boxes and covers and the variants of these in the editions and releases for the Spectrum.

Part 1 of the Manic Miner For Collectors series is about the First Edition, First Release on Bug Byte – the so-called “Whistler” version. See Footnote*.

Part 2 was on the First Edition, Second Release that was also from Bug Byte, the so-called “Lantern” version. See Footnote*.

Part 3 is about the version that was released on the Software Projects label, the “mutant telephone” release.

The game was released on many other platforms, including the MSX (er… pun intended for this platform game!), as shown in the photo above. These articles do not look at those platforms, although there might be updates in the future.

I have had a request to do a series for the Horace games. Look out for that soon! 🙂

PopeyMon Games and Fun


Please note that every effort has been made to check the information in these articles. They were reviewed by Adrian Grubb and altered to update them, before publication.

During a review of the articles on the Central Cavern Facebook, and when published via Twitter, there was a lot of very positive feedback from fans.

These articles are published to fill a gap in knowledge for collectors, and are provided in good faith. If you believe that you have evidence that there are inaccuracies, please get in touch at the contact details here.

Controversy? Following many years of enthusiasts discussing the game in a civilised manner, and there being an established view based on Adrian’s work, one person, who shall remain nameless at this point, got in touch with PopeyMon and Adrian via Facebook and broadcast a berating attitude via Twitter.

Instead of praising the work, this person made a series of unsubstantiated claims in relation to the order of the first two releases. His approach was not to approach PopeyMon or Adrian in private, but to heavily criticise the work in public. This is not how the Spectrum community usually behaves.

Sadly, it appears that this approach greatly upset Adrian, meaning that Adrian deleted the original articles and an Admin switched off comments on the post in the Facebook group. Meaning that discussion could not take place.

PopeyMon will be getting in touch with this person, in private, to see if he can provide evidence of his claims. At present, all that can be seen are anecdotes and claims, but if evidence is presented, perhaps the articles will be updated.

Collecting should be a pleasure, and these articles are provided in good faith for collectors to refer to, and the accuracy thereof will continue to be a work in progress. The Spectrum community is very good natured and always has been. It will remain that way, despite a few who might not display the traditional attitude, from time to time.

PopeyMon Games and Fun.

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